Founded in 2007, Vincy is the leading sleepwear brand in Vietnam’s apparel market

  • Message: I only sleep in Vincy
  • Mission: Always listen and respond to the needs of the customers.
  • Our mind: Standards for products is always high quality.

As Vietnam’s famous sleepwear retailer, VINCY owns and operate over 30 boutiques throughout Vietnam.

Vincy Style

Vincy’s designs wake the heart at the first sight :

- > Because of every Vincy products contain both a sleepwear fashion creative passion for ladies.

- > All the stages of production are meticulously cared .

1 . The innovative ideas for new collection is our love for the ladies .

    Collections are not only integrated with the latest trends in the world but also the mystique of women in the home and in the bedroom .

2 . Materials selection is carefully.

    Vincy use the materials for each season is placed & processed overseas. In addition to the colors, prints, patterns, the materials, they have to check quality printing and dyeing chemicals, elasticity, durability before designing.

3 . Design & Engineering Teams are always give their creations towards beauty.

     Each product is always designed to flattering the curves of ladies.

Currently, Vincy is not only the famous fashion brand in Vietnam’s market, but also a sleepwear fashion trend - Vincy Style .